Friday, January 22, 2010

Common Decency Tip #1

Since when did it become ok for kids to jump on other peoples furniture? Or how about furniture at all?? This past week, Jack had two friends over in different days. I was thrilled. He isn't in school right now & he can get lonely.

Both kids freely jumped on my couch & sat on the arm-parents right there in the same room.

HELL NO!!!!!!!

Because I love my little man & want him to keep his friends, I first said nothing but then when it continued, I politely said: "please don't jump on our furniture, I really need it to last".

I shouldn't have had to say anything!!!!!!

Haleigh & Jack would NEVER do that & if they did: trouble.

It's sadly happened with Haleigh's friends as well & then I'm not as nice.

But I really want to take it out on the parents. Do they not teach their kids any manners??? Wow. Unless I have furniture in a garage keep your feet off!!

I don't care the condition of mine or someone else's couch or chair, whatever. It's called respecting someone else's property.

Try & remember that parents next time your purchasing your $2000 sofa.


Sharon said...

Has Jack NEVER jumped on your couch?
Brennan is constantly jumping on ours, despite being told no, put in time outs, etc. I've even spanked him to get him to stop, but it doesn't matter to him. It mine as well be a trampoline.

That being said, I would definitely put an end to it asap at someone else's home. He tries to do it at my in-laws, and I remove him from the room.

It is rude to assume others would allow the same in another's home as they do their own.

Sue said...

I can HONESTLY say Jack or Haleigh has NEVER jumped on our couch-or Mom's. No way. There are some things where I am a drill sergeant!

Plus, Monk would never approve.