Sunday, May 9, 2010

1980- What a Year!

Some really great things happened this year. Here are just a few of those events:

AC/DC releases "Back in Black"
"Empire Strikes Back" is released in theaters
the video game "Pac Man" is released in arcades across the lower 48
Pittsburgh Steelers become 1st NFL franchise to win 4 Super Bowls
people are obsessed with "who shot JR?"
Nigel Short,14, becomes youngest chess player to awarded degree of International Master
Ronald Regan accepts bid for Republican candidate for Presidency in Detroit, MI
Ronald Regan defeats Jimmy Carter
and on May 8, my sister is born into this world and my life hasn't been the same since!

My sister is now 30. HOW did that happen?? Sometimes I forget she is no longer a kid, sometimes I get really confused and I'm the one acting like the kid. But she is a adult. My sister whom graduated Magna Cum Laude, a teacher, a wife & a fantastic Mother to two sweet little boys. She has incredible will power, a great dancer & a great cook. I've had the honor to be a part of her first thirty years & I hope to be a part of the next thirty.


Sharon said...

I am so touched. Thank you for such a sweet sweet post.
And I have to say, I learned some things...
-didn't know Pac Man was released in 80, nor did I know Back in Black was OR Empire Strikes Back.
Very cool about Regan. :)

Thanks again.