Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Someone in my family has invaded my PC space.

I stand by you hotmail-never fail! gmail is for the birds & all you PC nerds!!


Sharon said...

you're so proud of your rhyme, aren't you?
And I was just about to inform you that if you USE gmail, the REAL e-mail, then i'd change your blog background for you. But this confirms that WITCH is appropriate.

Perhaps I'll change your blogger log in to gmail, too.

Greg said...

Those of us in the tech community prefer the term geeks rather than nerds. Actually PCs are for losers. Macs (and iPhones & iPads) are cooler.

Those that are ignorant of technology are destined to fall behind.

Join Twitter! Or I'll do it for you! Sounds like your tech lackeys are turning on you! Bwahahaha!!!

Ok I'm done...

Sharon said...

Greg, YOU da man.

Sue said...

BOTH of you SUCK!!!!!!

uh, Greg, why haven't you rsvp'd yet???????